Saturday, March 20, 2010

Who doesn't love quilts?

My first memory of a quilt is the one my mom made for me when I was a young girl. It was a simple Around The World pattern with a red & white striped border. I used it for a very long time and when it got "too" well loved, someone else got to love it a little bit longer (a certain basset hound who has asked to remain anonymous).

The great thing about quilts: there is a style for everyone. Maybe you like modern fabrics and contemporary layouts. Maybe you like applique. Maybe you love a scrappy-looking quilt that is hand quilted (this is my kind of quilt).

I guess it doesn't much matter what style is your style. The one quality that EVERY quilt possesses is that it makes you feel good. It could be because someone special made it for you. It could be because it was a wedding gift. It could've been that one piece of "home" that got you through a hospital stay. Maybe just because you like curling up under it on the sofa and watching Turner Classic Movies with a big bowl of popcorn and someone you love. Quilts are more than just fabric.

I am a novice quilter but a lifelong fan of anything that involves fabric, needles and thread. I recently moved into a new condo that is a converted parish hall on (you guessed it) Church Avenue. It has a loft that will be my sewing room. The builder is still holding it hostage until my railing system is complete and it is safe for me to use. I will post pictures of it eventually. Until then, I will continue to buy fabric I don't need and plan more quilts than I could ever sew in my lifetime.

I hope you come back and see me sometime

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