Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blame it on the camera

I keep forgetting to buy a memory card for my camera so it will let me take more than one picture before telling me I’m out of memory. The lack of posting has been due to my inability to take more than one picture at a time. What’s a quilt blog with no pictures?

Just to get back into the swing of things, I’m going to post sans pictures until I get my butt in gear and buy a memory card....

No shortage of stuff to do around here when it comes to sewing. I’ve had the followng stuff sitting in a pile for weeks or months:

• Sweet Escape blocks (Miss Rosie’s Quilts) using Lilac Hill fabric by Brannock & Patek. All they need are to be sewn together with their setting triangles and a border added.

• Return to Sender blocks (Miss Rosie’s Quilts) using Gypsy Rose fabric by Fig Tree. Just need to be sewn together.

• Strip sets for Ginger Belle (Miss Rosie’s Quilts) using Odyssea by Momo. The pieces for this quilt were cut out in February and have been thoroughly neglected by me since then!

• Paddlewheel quilt blocks (Scrap Basket Sensations pattern) using Civil War Reunion fabric by Barbara Brackman. They need their borders cut and then assembly can begin.

I’ve also re-organized my sewing loft so that it works (and looks) alot better. Sewing supplies/tables/machine are all on one side, with my daybed/chair/cat zone on the other side. I folded EVERY PIECE OF FABRIC to a uniform size. Backing fabrics have their section while anything less than 3 yards has a separate section.

Please just don’t look in the closet. Everything that didn’t look pretty got shoved in there to be dealt with at a later date!

I need to talk about that Odyssea fabric for a minute. It was totally outside my normal taste in fabric. We’re talking fish, inkblot splotches and seashells in very bright colours. My taste normally leans toward Fig Tree, French General and 3 Sisters. Totally different universe than Momo.


The colours were great. Any time I see blue and green together, I’m going to take a closer look at the collection. Throw in some hot pink, aqua and brown. Just based on the colours, I knew this might be something I could work with. I just needed to think about it for awhile to find the right pattern.


I found Carrie Nelson’s Ginger Belle. It has alot of small pieces so no one fabric pattern from Odyssea would be seen and/or overwhelm you. And it has large chunks of plain background to give you break from all the colour.

great pattern + wild bright fabric + white background = perfect summer quilt.

Lesson learned here: try something different. You’ll be surprised at how well things work out.

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