Saturday, April 7, 2012

Whole lotta nuthin'

Production on everything seems to have come to a screeching halt around here. 

Dottie quilt:  no borders yet
Squares for my Granny Blocks:  not cut out yet
Laundry:  not done.
Bathrooms:  not cleaned.
Dogs:  walked (but in no way long enough in their eyes)
Dessert for Easter dinner tomorrow:  not even shopped for yet

Not sure what's going on around here.

Could be the end of hockey season.  My Jets had me on an emotional rollercoaster all year and tonight is the last game for awhile...and yes, I know it's weird, but tears will be shed at some point tonight while I watch the game ((sniff))

Could be work.  Our IT people have the strangest ideas and I'm gearing up for a bit of a showdown with them next week where I have to impart to them that they're being stupid without actually telling them they're being stupid.  Call me crazy but designing a new system that will take me 5x longer to do my job doesn't seem like a great idea  Nothing I hate worse than office politics and this whole thing is going to be about the office politics  ((grrrrr))

Could be my mother.  I know she's my mom.  I know she's having a tough time right now.  I know I have to cut her some slack.  I talked to her for about 5 minutes last week and somehow we STILL managed to have a discussion about my lack of a husband  ((head shake))

So this week I'm feeling unproductive, sad, irritated and lonely.

And that officially concludes the Debbie Downer portion of this broadcast.  Onto something pretty...

Did you hear that Bonnie & Camille's fabric collection "Ruby" won Fat Quarterly 2012 Modern Madness competition?  Lucky me, I have some of that fabric!  And it's going to be the basis of the aforementioned Granny Blocks. Look at these....they look like winners to me, too.....

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