Sunday, August 5, 2012

Olympics are taking over my life

It's a good thing the sewing machine is within eyesight of the tv this past week or I would have gotten nothing done.  Did you see Rosie win her gold medal?  She's such a cutie, and her story about her grandpa made me cry....all three times I listened to it!

Although I haven't truly finished anything, there has been alot of sewing.  I'm keeping up with my FQS Designer Mystery block of the month:

I cut up a Bliss layer cake and put together some blocks using this Easy Bake pattern.  I have enough for cute 60" x 60" lap quilt:

I had intentions of putting together the Modern Halves quilt top from Moda Bake Shop using my Hideaway fabric but I realized I sewed the green blocks together the wrong way (the "rounds" have to be symmetrical in order to cut them in half properly) so I'm just going to make them into a couple of crib quilts instead:

I pressed some fat halves of the Grand Hotel collection by Freespirit.  Not sure what to make with them yet so I'm hoping I'll walk by them sometime today and go "oh, THAT's what I'll do with those":

And last but certainly not least, I finished my Seville quilt top.  Now I just have to get that baby quilted and bound before my boss retires at the end of the year.  He's told me his new hobby will be afternoon-napping so I thought he could use the proper "tool" for the job:

I'm still not 100% sold on that border fabric but it contrasts nicely with the cream lattice-work. 

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