Saturday, October 20, 2012

Darn that job anyway!

How am I supposed to sew when I work all day, most evenings and pretty much every weekend?

Doesn't my employer know there's sewing to do????

Ah well, I guess that whole roof-over-head, food-on-table stuff has to come first.

I continue to putter away as time permits on Small Plates.  I got the quilting done last weekend and have tried to grab an hour here and there for the binding:

You know how sometimes you get kind of tired of looking at a project and just want to finish it and move on?  Not this one.  I think I'm more in love with these fabrics now than when I first cut into them. 

Funny how the lack of time to sew hasn't translated into a lack of time to buy fabric.  There's probably some complex space-time continuum theory around that but my brain is far too tiny to figure it out.  I picked up my first bundle of Malka Dubrawsky fabric called Simple Marks:

Holy macaroni, this is beautiful in real life!  That dark blue is a deep, rich cobalt colour.  The simple motifs are modern and gorgeous.  Most importantly, it has my all time favourite blue/green/grey colourway.  All together, it feels like a Fall collection but if  you split it into chunks, I see Christmas (red/green/gold) and Summer (cobalt/turquoise/red), too.

Have a good day :-)


  1. Hi Heather... have emailed you about the event. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Oh.. and I absolutely love Simply Color!

  2. Where do you get your fabrics from? I haven't seen anything that gorgeous around town!