Saturday, August 17, 2013

Various stages

I have a lot of things at different points right now.

Xmas gift number 1 is still a big pile of blocks so those need to be slapped up onto my makeshift design wall and stared at for awhile.

Xmas gift number 2 needs its border added.

Xmas gift number 3 is pressed and just needs to sandwiched, basted and quilted:

This is another Scrap Basket pattern by Kim Brackett.  Her patterns always turn out so well for me.  It might have something to do with the fact that I usually use Barbara Brackman fabrics, who is my absolute favourite "traditional" fabric designer.  These fabrics are from her Metropolitan Fair collection.  I think that skinny little dark grey border adds just the right touch, don't you?

I've started to cut out the pieces for my Due South quilt.  I'm using S'More Love fabric by Julie & Eric Comstock.  I think it's got a really cute vintage retro vibe.  Almost makes me want to run out and buy an avocado green stove and a harvest gold fridge.  Almost.

This pattern has approximately 6.3 million flying geese units.

Okay, okay, it only has 213 flying geese units.  But I'm pretty sure after sewing about 50 of them, it's going to start feeling like 6.3 million.

And then this little pile of potential arrived yesterday:

I fell in love with the upcoming clamshell quilt kit from Moda but I'm smart enough to realize that a clamshell quilt is WAY BEYOND my skill level right now.  I do think, however, that this fabric would look equally lovely in a winding ways quilt.  Hockey season is coming up and I need a handwork project while I sit in front of the tv cheering on my Winnipeg Jets.  A winding ways quilt might be just the ticket.

I've downloaded Season One of "Longmire" to keep me company while I sew this weekend.  Poor me, I have to stare at Branch Connolly for hours:


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  1. I took a look at your link to due south - and yes 6.3 million for sure! Whenever I visit your blog I keep trying to envision where on church street you might be -- tho it has been 21 years since I've been in the neighbourhood! And I too, just recently discovered Longmire in reruns on Bravo or was it Showcase? Alot in common, but not the hockey... Tho I sort of was in the days of the WHL original Jets...