Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Catching up

Been awhile, eh?

I've been piecing a new quilt top:

Quilting up and binding a Christmas gift:

Practicing my hand quilting on a table topper:

And yesterday, I decided to go through my scrap bin and sort everything by colour.  I had two piles going.  One with traditional fabrics/colours, another with modern fabrics/colours:

Fig Tree scraps turned into a bit of a head scratcher because they worked in both piles.  The traditional pile usually won out :-)

Some things I learned as I was sorting:
  • I have had a lot of pretty fabric in my life so far
  • My tastes seem to be split 50/50 between traditional and modern styles.  The two sets of piles were stacked to pretty similar heights.  Interesting to note that the modern pile had a lot more grey than the traditional pile.  Grey really does seem to be the "neutral" in the modern quilting world.
  • Red seemed to win out as the biggest traditional pile (thanks to French General)
  • Aqua seemed to win out as the biggest modern pile (with no one designer winning the battle)
  • I don't seem to be a fan of yellow for some reason.  
  • I am appalled by the lack of purple.  I love purple and I've used it so little.  Must remedy that a.s.a.p.

Jack gave me the cold shoulder all day because I wouldn't let him sleep in the emptied scrap basket:

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  1. Visiting from the blogathon. Love those on a whim blocks. I started one of those quilts but it got sidelined after a realized that I hated the background fabric. It was like sewing with paper. Yuck! Looking forward to seeing how this progresses!