Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I was going to finish my quilt top tonight BUT

I've been dealing with this all evening:

He was running around the neighbourhood loose and no one seems to know where he lives.  He was zipping all over the place not paying attention to the very heavy traffic on Main Street.  The one guy I managed to find who recognized him only remembers him because he saw him running around loose yesterday.

So he's in my yard until Animal Services comes to get him "within 24 hours".  I feel bad about leaving him outside but he is peeing on EVERYTHING.

I swear he's 5 lbs soaking wet with the biggest ears I've ever seen.  He won't come near me but he sure gobbled up the kibble I gave him.  He was wearing a ratty old collar but has no tags or tattoos and he is most obviously not neutered.  Nice owners, eh?  Morons.

We'll see how the night goes.  He looks exhausted but he won't settle down on the bathmat I left out there for him.  The bathmat is because he pee'd on two dogs beds already!

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