Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!!!

Did you see Kate's fascinator with the maple leaf embellishments?  Love that woman!

My quilt top is done and the only half way decent picture I could get is this close up shot:

I also did a test block of Wild Air with the teeniest little flying geese ever.  They finished out at 1.5" x 2.5" each.  They're more like goslings than geese:

Thank goodness for my Mini Fit to be Geese ruler or those little guys would NOT have not turned out so well.  I think if I stick with the tan fabrics for the center and corner blocks, these will look quite nice on the teal and mulberry background I want to use.

Oh, and Tucker would like winter to come back.  This 30C stuff is putting a cramp in his walking routine and he's following me around like....well, like a lost puppy:

Speaking of lost puppies, the little interloper from the other night is safely in the hands of Animal Services after I dropped him off there on Wednesday morning.  Hopefully, his people come looking for him, although a big part of me hopes he gets adopted by someone else who will take better care of him.  With a little attention and a few weeks of training, he could be a cool little dude.

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