Sunday, September 25, 2011

Beautiful Sunday

Wow, what a great day.

Nothing but big blue sky and sunshine outside.  All the housework got done yesterday so no chores needed doing.  The biggest decision of the day has been this:

Do I sew or do I cross stitch?

Couldn't decide so I've been doing both.

The dogs and I went on an adventure .... otherwise known to boring ol' humans as a "walk".  They always know it's going to be a good one if it starts off with a car ride.  Today, we went to Kildonan Park.  Tucker was engaged in a very complex squirrel hunt while Sophie needed to give the ducks a talking-to.  Nothing worse than a duck with an attitude.  She was having none of it!  We also ran into Claire from work who was out for a bike ride with her hubby.  There won't be many more days like this one so it was nice to see everyone taking advantage of it.

Now everyone is snoozing away in various sunny spots around the house, recuperating from all the excitement and I managed to put together a few of the blocks for my Flower Boxes quilt from Scrap Basket Sensations by Kim Brackett:

This isn't the kind of block where you can do a bunch of sewing and then do a bunch of pressing later on.  Each piece is connected to a seamed piece before it so you have to sew, then press, then sew, then press, et cetera.  This is not an "assembly line" project :-)

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