Sunday, May 20, 2012

Quilt Market was EXHAUSTING this year

...and I didn't even get to go!

I was more than a little obsessed with the Fat Quarter Shop's tweets -- as I am every time they go to market -- because they post pictures of ALL the new stuff.  And I'm talking every minute, people.  They posted something new every minute.  They're phones must be as exhausted as I am!

Moda fabrics has also updated their "Coming Soon" page with all the new stuff, too.  So the following will be living with me before Christmas, I have no doubt:
  • Tapestry by Fig Tree -- every collection, every time, they hit it out of the park
  • Marmalade by Bonnie & Camille -- orange!
  • Chateau Rouge by French General -- I think this one is my favourite of the bunch
  • Cuzco by Kate Spain -- which makes me want to watch Disney's The Emperor's New Groove
  • Little Black Dress by Basic Grey -- could be THE fabric for that winding ways quilt I want to make
  • Metropolitan Fair by Barbara Brackman -- can't get enough of her stuff
  • Double Chocolat by 3 Sisters - chocolat collection part deux
  • Simply Color by V & Co -- the ombre fabrics make up for the fact they spelled colour the wrong way ;-)
  • Birds & Bees by Lauren & Jessi Jung -- another home run
  • Mama Said Sew by Sweetwater -- red, black, cream and grey

Remember the movie Jaws?  And "you're gonna need a bigger boat"?

I'm going to need a bigger fabric closet

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