Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rosy Little Things

I am in love -- in LOVE -- with Alicia Paulson's blog Posie Gets Cozy.

She is an amazing craftsperson.  She is crazy in love with her man.  She takes the most beautiful photographs I've ever seen.  She has the most adorable Corgi you will ever set eyes on named Clover Meadow as well as two cats she describes as "comfort obsessed".

I sit here and stare at her photos, absorbing all of the details, the lighting, the composition and then I go pick up my point & shoot camera and I get nothing but crappy photos.


I went and bought myself a "big girl" camera today and these are the photos I took straight out of the box:

Already about 100x better than anything I've done before.  I have high hopes for myself now!

Every once in a while, I get a little jealous of Alicia's life but then I look at my pups sleeping.  No offense to Clover Meadow, I have the cutest dogs on the planet.

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