Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Free Motion Quilting attempt #1

You know what?

This was kinda fun!

And as long as you keep your distance, it doesn't look half bad

The way I see it, the babies that will be sleeping under these little blankets will have their eyes shut most of the time anyway.  As long as their toes are warm, I don't think they'll care that my loops are a little wonky.

Things I learned: 
  1. You have to use your foot pedal.  As much as I love my start/stop button, my hands were too busy trying to manage the quilt sandwich to be pushing buttons
  2. Go fast enough but not too fast.  I think this was my problem in the past.  By not going too slow, I was able to keep my stitch length pretty even most of the time.  By not going too fast, I was able to follow the pattern I had drawn .... well, mostly!
Once I get the bindings on these little quilts (a cute bright yellow gingham), I think I might dive right in and try to quilt something bigger.

What do they say?  Practice, practice, practice.

Sadly, that philosophy hasn't helped my singing voice one bit ;-p

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