Sunday, September 16, 2012

Little things make me happy

Let's face it, I order alot of stuff online.  Anything that improves the experience gets a big A+ in my books.

Some online fabric shops send you packages wrapped in tissue paper.  Nice.
Some online fabric shops send you packages tied up with pretty string or ribbon.  Equally nice.

But you want to know what rocks my world? 

Let me ask you a question first.  Which of these fabrics is Chocolate and which of these fabrics is Cocoa and which of these fabrics is Parchment?

Ok, parchment might be a no-brainer but for chocolate and cocoa, kind of hard to tell, right?  Especially if it's one of those fabric lines like shot cotton or Bella solids that have no information printed on their selvedge. 

In walks

They do one itty bitty thing -- probably for their own inventory purposes but who cares -- that I find truly wonderful.  They label every cut of fabric they send out:

From this, I know:
  • the fabric line (Quilter's Linen)
  • the colour I chose (Parchment) and it's colour number (EX-028)
  • the size of the cut (0.5 yds)
  • the fabric content (100% cotton)
This makes the obsessive-compulsive in me SO HAPPY.

Plus they have good sales on a regular basis.
Plus they ship fast.
Plus they indicate how much yardage they have in stock.

I think I found my soul mate in a fabric shop.

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