Sunday, January 27, 2013

Progress report

Hey, I can post pictures again!!

My sqaure-in-square blocks turned out really well.  I just need to fiind a good time to lay out the sashing and the blocks and pull the quilt top together:

I also couldn't resist trying out Camille's new Fireworks pattern using a mix of French General fabrics I had in my stash:

I was just going to do a quick test block but they turned into potato chips on wasn't enough...I think I'm up to about eight of them now :-)

Oh, this block. 

As I'm working on them, I keep thinking "oh, this would look good in shabby chic fabrics" and "oh, this would look good using that new fabric line, Comma" and "oh, Fig Tree fabrics, too".  This block is going to turn into one of those blocks.  The kind where every time you see it done up in a certain kind of fabric, you want to make one too!

See?  Just as I sit here re-reading this post, I've already decided it needs to be done in some Tula Pink fabrics and then again in those modern masculine Parson Gray prints.

Ack!  Brain hurts.  Leaving now...

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  1. I love that fireworks block -- I made a christmas quilt about ten years ago using this block. It is still one of my favourite quilts