Friday, November 15, 2013

This n' That

After a MASSIVE fabric reorganisation, I feel much better about my sewing space.  I basically unloaded every scrap of fabric I had onto the kitchen island and starting sorting, folding and fondling until I arrived at this:

The fabrics that are stored upright have been folded around plain old manila file folders I bought at Staples.  Once you fold the folders in half, they stiffen up enough to support wrapping fabric around them.  I bought some of those comic book boards that others in blogland use to wrap their fabric but that was going to turn into an expensive venture.  I got a similar result for a fraction of the cost.  The upright fabrics are usually 1/2 yard/metre cuts but there are a few 1 yard/metre pieces in there, too.

The lower half of the shelves where fabric is stored horizontally are cuts of more than one yard/metre.  The shelves are inexpensive plastic shelves I picked up at Jysk that literally went together in a snap.

As you can see from the left hand side of the picture, I still have some piles that need folding but with the bulk of it organised, I feel like I have my own fabric store to shop in!

Sewing wise, I've started on a two-colour quilt for my bed but there's a long road ahead of me before it will be done.  I need something like 80 blocks and I think this represents about 24:

I'm also hoping to squeeze in one more Xmas quilt using a Pattern Basket pattern and a layer cake:

With a little help from the Sophmeister, I think I can get 'er done:


  1. Great idea! I'll have to try this the next time I reorganize.

  2. It feels soooo good, doesn't it, to re-organize and it's amazing the fabrics you re-discover too! Love the two colour quilt, it's going to be so pretty, and kind of scrappy looking, I really like that look! That is really an adorable Sophmeister you have there! :-)
    Linda Craig
    Cooks Creek, MB

  3. Hi from northern Manitoba knee deep in the fluffy white stuff. Your reorganization is magnificent. I will have to adopt this method as I reorganize. Unfortunately I would have to haul my stash downstairs to the kitchen but I am very sure the reorganization would happen much more quickly if the stash was on the kitchen floor! I might even get some help. I am just stopping by during Blogathon Canada. I will be visiting again. Have a great day.

  4. My sewing studio is now where near as tidy, though I do try and put away supplies after I finish one project and before I start another. That really does help.