Thursday, December 5, 2013


So I set to work on my Starburst quilt blocks and it turns out that this pattern has a really neat piecing process.  The overall block looks like this (sorry about the bad lighting):

When I first saw those spiky outside pieces, I thought I would have to cut rectangles and then sew things together on an angle.  Wrong!

You actually make half square triangles of a background fabric and a print fabric, then slice your finished square into three strips, rearranging their order:

Mentally swap that strip that has the small printed section with the strip that has the large printed section and you'll get a picture in your head of an HST.  I wish I could show you the pattern instructions but that would be violating the designer's copyright.  Trust me.  It's darn cool.

I especially like it because I am not the best presser in the world.  If I had pieced those strips the way I originally imagined, my pressing would have been really wonky.  By starting with a nice crisp HST, my individual strips held their shape much better.

All the blocks are now done.  I just need to add in the sashing, cornerstones and borders.  Another really fast, really fun pattern from Margot at The Pattern Basket!


  1. Where can I get this pattern?? Is it called Starburst?? This looks like something I could acutally handle ;-)

  2. Michelle, I bought my Starburst pattern directly from the designer's website at

  3. Wow, that is a very cool pattern. I just checked out the Pattern Basket and she has a lot of great patterns. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That is such a cute block and you make it sound so easy to construct. I may be spending some money on a couple of Margot's patterns. She has quite a few really cute ones.

  5. that is a neat pattern, love the simplicity of making something that looks so complicated!

  6. The method you described sounds similar to one that Bonnie Hunter has used for a Scrappy Mountains block. It is indeed very, very cool, and saves so much time!


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