Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday update

I need to finish up the binding on this little number.  Sorry, can't show you the front -- top secret Xmas gift -- very hush hush ;-)

Auditioning borders for my Starburst quilt:

I'm in the home stretch for the quilts I want to give as gifts  -- sheesh, I better be, it's Dec 15th already! -- and it's starting to feel more like fabric work than fabric play so I took a tiny break and played for awhile with some Anna Maria Horner fabric, just for fun:

If a quilt made with these fabrics doesn't warm up a cold winter bedroom, I don't know what would.  How do you describe her colours?  Saturated?  According to the definition I could find here the saturation of a colour is the purity of a colour, and that pure colours are intense.  Yep, that pretty much nails it!

I also have some good news and bad news….

Bad news is that two of my favourite online fabric sources have gone out of business.  Beaver Creek Quilting made the decision awhile ago but Old Country Store dropped a shocker on everyone -- including their staff -- and suddenly shut their doors last week.  My heart goes out to the staff at OCS.  Losing your job is bad enough when you see it coming.  To have it dropped on you a few weeks before Christmas?  I can't imagine what they must be feeling.

Good news is that Manitoba is getting a modern quilt guild.  It seems to be just a Facebook presence right now but maybe we can help them build up some steam.  If you're in my area and you're interested, please go check them out.

Happy Sunday!  I will be staying inside today, quite possibly in my pi's all day.  Not a hard choice to make when the temperature is -34C.  

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