Sunday, February 19, 2012

57 cents

I was at the grocery store earlier today, standing in what was fast becoming a long lineup.  There was a lady at the till who was counting out change to pay for her purchase of $4.97.

It was slow going.  Alot of nickels and dimes were being pulled out.  Someone in line asked her if she needed more money.  She said "No.  Thank you, but no." 

At the end of the shuffling of coins back and forth on the counter, she was still 57 cents short.  She asked if she could use her bank card to pay for the rest because she had a few dollars in her account. 

Turns out her account did not have enough in it.  In an attempt to move things along, the clerk told her not to worry about the rest.  She said thank you several times, took her purchase and left the store.

When it was my turn to pay, I gave the clerk the missing 57 cents so she would be able to balance her till.  No big deal.  It was only 57 cents.

57 cents was the difference between paying for food and not paying for food.

How lucky am I that 57 cents is no big deal?

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  1. We are so blessed aren't we? I have done that too, especially if there are kids with the person. You never know. Have a great week.